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Europa (Trinidad & Tobago) Ltd,  is a regional provider of integrated solutions, which is at the heart of change in Facilities Management.

With a client base that extends across 100 operational sites, we employ talented people to deliver best-in-class services that work for our clients


Our service areas are led and staffed by experts in the field.  As a Europa (Trinidad & Tobago) client you will experience a best-in-class and industry leading service, delivered by engaged and highly trained staff using innovative techniques, equipment and technology.

We stand out from the competition by enabling these service areas to work seamlessly as one unit, that shares the same ethos and passion to ensure our clients always receive a consistently high standard of service, tailored specifically to their needs.  We embrace your people, your environment and your culture and we work within this framework to provide Integrated TFM services or just the idividual services you need.


Even with our humble beginnings, we maintain our core values of excellence in service delivery and customer service of the highest standard.  Our strategic acquisitions are an extension of this ethos and add further expertise and industry capabilities to our growing team.

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